I often recommend that people use a “45-degree angle” on the neck microphone as a starting point for recording acoustic guitar.  Just describing it in words can be a little confusing, so I put together this quick video to illustrate what I mean.

I also explain why the 45-degree angle is a good place to start.

If you like this video, and/or you would like to see additional topics covered, please let me know in the comments section below.


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is an independent music producer and engineer, published author, music career coach, and co-founder of the Azalea Music Group in Nashville. He helps artists and songwriters reach their fullest sonic and emotional impact with the recordings he produces, and also teaches them how to do it themselves. His diverse list of clients includes Davy Jones of the Monkees, Grammy-winning songwriter Don Henry, and international guitar virtuosos Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson.

One Response to 45-degree Angle When Recording Acoustic Guitar
  1. I thought in Nashville one day it be at 45 degrees, the next day 80 and the next day 20 degrees? Oh wait, that’s the weather here ;). Great video buddy! I’ve only done the 45 degrees on X-Y mic’ing. I will definitely try that next session.


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