08 Nov 2017
November 8, 2017

TAXI Road Rally 2017

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Nancy photobombs a pic of Brandon Jeffries and Fett.   Fett, T. Lin Chase, and Nancy having a laugh at the bookstore table.   Hmmm…do you know who can pull off wearing these shoes?!   Greg Watmore, Fett and Jim Coots   No idea who this is. But we all felt just like him plenty.. read more →

  • Godin Guitar
    Godin Guitar

    Full length, front view photo of Godin guitar

  • Godin Closeup
    Godin Closeup

    Check out the finish on the front of this Godin guitar!

  • Godin headstock
    Godin headstock
  • Godin back side
    Godin back side
  • Godin closeup (back)
    Godin closeup (back)

    Even the back is in MINT condition

  • Godin gig bag (front)
    Godin gig bag (front)
  • Godin gig bag (back)
    Godin gig bag (back)

(Click on any image above to see full size photos.) This beautiful, high-end Godin instrument is in MINT condition, having only been played a handful of times in the studio.  It comes with its own soft-shell, heavily-padded gig bag. It features a top-of-the-line AAA flamed maple top, Seymour Duncan pickups, and tremolo. But where this guitar.. read more →

Update (9/10/16): The Peavey JF-1 EX has been SOLD! This versatile hollowbody electric guitar from Peavey is in the tradition of the Gibson ES-335 and similar guitars (but costs a LOT less than the “real thing”!).  For me, the two biggest strengths of this guitar are its playability and its sonic versatility. Its excellent playability is.. read more →

UPDATE 8-19-16 – WOW!  That was fast!  We had multiple inquiries on this one. And it went to the very first person!  So, it’s already SOLD! Ever wanted a high-quality acoustic resonator guitar but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg?  This Dobro brand “Hound Dog Deluxe” roundneck model from Gibson is just.. read more →

(Click on any image above to view full size photos.) Update (7/16/16): The Tacoma has been SOLD! This is the extremely rare, 5-string version of the sought-after Tacoma Thunderhawk acoustic bass. It also has built-in LR Baggs electronics for plugged-in use (see below).  This guitar was manufactured in the U.S.A. by Tacoma before they were bought out.. read more →

  • Ibanez Saber SB900LE Bass Guitar
    Ibanez Saber SB900LE Bass Guitar
  • Ibanez Saber SB900LE Bass Guitar (back)
    Ibanez Saber SB900LE Bass Guitar (back)
  • Ibanez bass guitar case
    Ibanez bass guitar case
  • Ibanez bass guitar case (other side)
    Ibanez bass guitar case (other side)

Update (8/15/16): The Ibanez bass has been SOLD! “Ol’ Blue” That’s the nickname for this Ibanez Saber SB900LE 4-string active electric bass guitar.  And it’s a beauty. Major pluses of this instrument are: Active electronics (powered by a 9-volt battery, easily-changeable through a compartment in the back — no screwdriver required!) that produce good, hot levels and crisp, clear tone… read more →

Another busy day at the Road Rally!  Fett taught the second round of his “Anatomy Of a Mix: From Demo To Broadcast Quality.”  Despite the 9 AM class time (on Sunday, no less!), Fett’s classroom was filled with enthusiastic students who asked excellent questions (see photo). Another theme that has come up again and again at.. read more →