Image is everything in the music business. And I’m not just talking about artists. It’s important for everyone — artists, songwriters, musicians, composers, lyricists, producers, etc. Before a publisher, record label, music supervisor, blogger, playlist curator, or anyone else hears your music, they’ve already formed an opinion about you from reading your email, seeing your.. read more →

Today, more and more self-recording musicians and studios are catching on to the value of using an independent mastering engineer to master their finished mixes.  At a minimum, an independent mastering engineer provides an additional, objective set of “ears” in a recording project’s lifecycle.  But there’s much more to it than that.  Another major reason.. read more →

I often recommend that people use a “45-degree angle” on the neck microphone as a starting point for recording acoustic guitar.  Just describing it in words can be a little confusing, so I put together this quick video to illustrate what I mean. I also explain why the 45-degree angle is a good place to.. read more →

05 Apr 2018
April 5, 2018

Re-learning The Art of Listening

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When I was a kid, listening to music was a ritual. Whenever I got the chance, I would take a vinyl record out of its sleeve (yeah, I know, I’m showing my age!), place it on the turntable, and listen to it from start to finish, usually with my eyes closed, and often with a.. read more →

20 Mar 2018
March 20, 2018

Slow Down To Speed Up


We live in a face-paced society where everyone seems to want everything RIGHT NOW, if not yesterday. “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!” “Get 10,000 fans in 1 week!” “Make a Million dollars in 15 minutes!…while you sleep!…Guaranteed!” (OK, maybe that last one is a little far-fetched. But you get my drift. And I’m pretty.. read more →

23 Feb 2018
February 23, 2018

UPDATED: Cakewalk Lives!!!


UPDATE, 2018-02-23: Cakewalk SONAR has been rescued from Gibson, and will continue to live on! See the article here. On November 17th, 2017, musical instrument conglomerate Gibson shocked the music-making community by announcing the total shutdown of one of their recently-acquired divisions: Cakewalk Software. Cakewalk, makers of the SONAR recording program and many other extremely.. read more →

14 Nov 2017
November 14, 2017

Who’s On First?

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Nancy and I have just returned from the annual TAXI Road Rally music convention in L.A. (our FOURTEENTH Road Rally in a row – can you tell we like them??? 🙂 ). At each year’s Rally, we do a ton of mentoring and teaching.  For example, at this year’s Rally, I did 1-to-1 mentoring with.. read more →

08 Nov 2017
November 8, 2017

TAXI Road Rally 2017

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One of the things that makes booking gigs overwhelming to some people is that there are a LOT of variables. That means there’s a lot to learn, a lot to “handle,” and a lot of points in the process where something can potentially go wrong. That’s why, for teaching purposes, I like to use real-world.. read more →