The other night, I was having a conversation with an old music buddy of mine about performances. Specifically, memorable, live music performances. We concluded that the ones that really stuck out for us and stood the test of time were the ones that were phenomenally polished.  So polished, in some cases, that they were even.. read more →

Both Choices Are Good

I’ve been having an interesting conversation with one of my coaching clients lately.  The topic is a common one among music people (and all creatives, for that matter): trying to resolve the “conflict” or the “incompatibility” between making our living from our artistic pursuits vs. making a living from a “day job” or other, non-artistic pursuits… read more →

Pleeez... Just Tell Me Which Button To Push!

There’s an interesting tendency I find among some home studio enthusiasts when I get into a discussion about recording with them: they’re looking for a “magic pill” or “silver bullet” that will suddenly make all of their recordings sound like blockbuster hits. They just want me to tell them which specific piece(s) of gear to buy.. read more →

14 Feb 2016
February 14, 2016

An Unconditional Valentine

Photo Credit: Gavin Whitner, 2014. http://musicoomph.com/

Fett and I are not Valentine’s Day people. It’s not that we don’t like to be romantic. (Actually, Fett is often mushier than me!) And it’s not that we don’t want to take the time to appreciate each other. We do this daily! We just don’t need a pressure-filled, mandated day to do it. I.. read more →

John, Paul and George sing their vocal parts together, into a single microphone.

Recently a Facebook friend of mine posted a link to a vocals-only mix of the Beatles’ 16-minute medley from the second side of their epochal swansong album, Abbey Road. That’s right: only their vocals. That in itself was enough to get me interested (okay, downright excited – I’m a huge Beatles fan), but listening to those.. read more →

13 Sep 2014
September 13, 2014

Be Kind To Your Hearing!


Nearly four weeks ago, I caught an ordinary cold.  The next day, both of my ears were clogged up, which is pretty typical when I get a cold.  After a couple of days of being aggravated with my clogged ears and not being able to hear very well (I do, after all, make my living.. read more →

29 Aug 2014
August 29, 2014

Gear Secrets: Tacoma Guitars


Back during my days as Technology Editor for the prestigious Performing Songwriter magazine, I attended a lot of music gear trade shows.  I remember one year in particular, when I attended the Summer NAMM show in Nashville.  Tacoma Guitars, based out of Washington State, had introduced two very interesting new acoustic guitar models: a baritone,.. read more →

DyVision Reverb Remover Plug-in

One of my recording students who owns a home studio recently asked me if there was any way he could remove some of the “reverb” from recordings he had made of some classroom lectures.  In his case, “reverb” meant the ambient reflections from the room in which the recordings were made, but what I’m about.. read more →

A few months ago, Nancy and I attended a performance by seasoned songwriter and performer Cliff Eberhardt. We have admired Cliff for a couple of decades. Besides being a top-notch songwriter and guitar player, Cliff has one of those voices that just WORKS. It’s a deep baritone with lots of character and soul, and DAMN, can.. read more →