In his Layer Up! Crash Course In Layering, Fett shows you how to dramatically improve the emotional impact and fullness of your recordings.  “Layering” is one of those secret pro techniques that can make the difference between an “almost there” recording and a “front of the pack” recording.

When you complete this course, you’ll have a completely new, fresh perspective on “arranging’ parts in a recording, as well as many specific suggestions for techniques that you can use on your own recordings immediately.

This video-based course is chock-full of not just excellent ideas, but many specific illustrations using two guitars, played live at the same time, so you can see and hear the impact that layering can have — even in the most basic arrangement.

Here’s the full outline of the modules in this course (also see below for a sample video of actual course content):


  • What Is Layering And Why Is It Important?
  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Program
  • Introductory Video: The Process
  • The Baseline: Basic Doubling

Layering With Different Instruments:

  • Same Part, Different Body Style
  • Same Part, Different Type of 6-string Instrument
  • Same Part, Different Number Of Strings, Different Native Pitch

Layering With The Same Instrument:

  • Same Instrument, Different Part
  • Capos, Different Voicings and Alternate Tunings
  • Different Right-hand Rhythmic Patterns
  • Arpeggios
  • Pumps, Holds and Rakes
  • Alternating Beats and Chanks
  • Different Time Signatures

Layering With MIDI and Virtual Instruments:

  • Using Layering For MIDI/Virtual Instrument Parts


  • BONUS MATERIAL! “Happy Song” Performance
  • Wrapup

Here is a video sampler of the course content:

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