07 Nov 2015
November 7, 2015

TAXI Road Rally 2015, Day 1

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Had a busy and productive first day at the Road Rally here in L.A.  Lots of new faces as well as many old friends and acquaintances.  As always, there were plenty of overlapping panels, classes, mentoring sessions and other activities for TAXI members and their guests to share at this free music industry conference.  That right, it’s a 100% FREE conference for TAXI members!  Not only is it the best convention in the business, it’s also the best deal!

One of the most highly attended panels was the Keynote Interview that TAXI CEO Michael Laskow held with industry experts Brian McNeils, John Rudolph, and Jeff Fruendlich, entitled “Succeeding In The New Music Industry.”  Fett taught his “Anatomy Of A Mix: From Demo To Broadcast Quality” class to a standing-room-only audience.  And we got to meet up with lots of enthusiastic folks in the Booksellers Room (pictured).

You can get details about this year’s Road Rally at: www.taxi.com/taxi-road-rally-2015.html.

Have no idea what we’re talking about?  Never heard of TAXI or been to a Road Rally?  You can find out all about this wonderful organization and all the benefits it brings to musicians, songwriters and composers in the 3-part interview that TAXI CEO Michael Laskow conducted with Fett earlier this year.  You can access all three parts here:

Part 1: www.taxi.com/transmitter/1505

Part 2: www.taxi.com/transmitter/1506

Part 3: www.taxi.com/transmitter/1507

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  1. I was a Fett guinea pig…on TASCAM 8 track tape ! Let me take 2 days to record one tune. A master even then…30 years ago. Keep the faith Fett !


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