08 Nov 2015
November 8, 2015

TAXI Road Rally 2015, Day 2

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Day 2 started off early, as Nancy taught her “Activate Your Inner Music Mogul” class to a wonderful and lively bunch of songwriters, artists, composers and other music professionals not afraid to attend a 9 am session after only a few hours of sleep. This interactive group participated in exercises and group discussions and Nancy only went over by about 10 minutes…pretty good for her!

Over lunch, Fett and Nancy were table hoppers at the Mentor lunch talking to about 60 different members and guests. And one of the highlight sessions that everyone seemed to be talking about was “The Hit Prescription” with Nashville’s own Ralph Murphy.

But for us, one of the coolest parts was that we got to hang with Nancy’s coaching client, Al-x, who came in to help at our table and to absorb some of the positive vibe of the Road Rally!  (see picture)

The conversation that we seemed to be having over and over again with people today was about “taking imperfect action.”  As creative types, we tend to want to do things perfectly or not at all. But “taking imperfect action” is the thing that gets us out of ruts and gets things moving so you can create the momentum you’re looking for in your career. It was interesting how that topic kept creeping into our conversations. How about you?  Are you a perfectionist? Do you need to get things moving in your career? You might try taking a little imperfect action!  What do you think?  Share your thoughts below.

More tomorrow!

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is a singer/songwriter, artist development coach and co-founder of Azalea Music where she teaches and mentors musicians, singer/songwriters and indie artists how to activate their "inner music mogul" so they can change the world through music! She specializes in working with the not-quite-mainstream and those "second-timers" coming back to music after a long hiatus. She's even been known to work with actors, writers, storytellers, and other creatives because the principles of pursuing a creative life are often the same regardless of the medium. She believes that the world needs to hear you and your music...whatever it is...because we would all be less without it.

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