Another busy day at the Road Rally!  Fett taught the second round of his “Anatomy Of a Mix: From Demo To Broadcast Quality.”  Despite the 9 AM class time (on Sunday, no less!), Fett’s classroom was filled with enthusiastic students who asked excellent questions (see photo).

Another theme that has come up again and again at this year’s Road Rally is” “those who are most successful are the ones who take the long view.”  This isn’t just true of TAXI; it’s a fact of the music industry in general — especially in today’s indie world.  Some folks expect a quick fix and just give up too soon, rather than being in it for the long haul.  Feel free to share your story of how the “long view” has worked successfully for you.

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Nancy Moran & Fett are the owners of Azalea Music Group where they teach what they do. Fett is a producer and engineer who will gladly produce your next CD or EP project - and he'll also teach you how to record, mix & master your own recordings. Nancy is a performing singer/songwriter and artist development coach - and she also teaches the business and mindset sides of being a touring artist. Together, they make an accomplished performing duo with great harmonies AND a distinguished coaching team for music professionals who want to change the world through music.

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