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Full Band Tracking

We specialize in full band tracking – meaning the whole band plays together – to give you that live feel that you can’t get recording one part at a time. Don’t have a band? No problem. We’ve got you covered with Nashville’s top-notch session players and singers.

Adding Pro Parts

Need a dobro, lap steel, or fiddle part on your newest song? Want a blistering lead guitar, rockin’ keys, or a wailing B3 to complete your next project? Maybe some background harmonies are just what you’re longing for. We can fill in the parts you need.

Mixing & Mastering

No matter where you recorded, bring us your cleaned up, fully-edited tracks and we’ll mix and/or master them for you to give you the professional, broadcast quality sound you’re looking for.

Artist Development

Are you an independent artist trying to carve out your niche and make a profitable living with your music? With our private, one-on-one coaching, we can help you develop your custom plan and even walk through the steps with you.

Music Business Coaching

Not interested in a performing career? Or perhaps you’re just coming back to music after a long hiatus? No worries. We work with all kinds of artists, songwriters, producers, composers, engineers and musicians.

Online Courses

Our motto is that we’ll do it for you or teach you how. So far, we’ve got online courses in recording, mixing, mastering, and booking/touring. You can take our courses at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home.

"My year with Nancy was life changing!

Thanks to Nancy, I am playing better gigs and making more money. Selling more CDs. And reaching more people who actually get and appreciate my music. And isn’t that the whole point?”

– PJ Brunson

“Nancy has a talent for helping you see your potential.

Before I worked with her, I was trying to transition from a life of touring to a life as a producer.
She helped me dig deep and figure out which path was truly calling me and helped me focus my career goals.”

– Wilson Harwood

"The results have been amazing!

Since working with Nancy, I have pushed through many barriers, silenced some very negative self talk, written many songs, and doubled my income!”

– Sarah Baker

About Us

Hey there! We are Nancy Moran & Fett. We’ve been writing, performing, touring, recording, marketing, releasing, and otherwise making our living in the music business for more than 25 years. And here’s the thing…We LOVE to help others do the same. Because we believe the world needs to hear YOUR MUSIC now more than ever.

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