Nancy photobombs a pic of Brandon Jeffries and Fett.

rsz_2016-11-04_130206Fett, T. Lin Chase, and Nancy having a laugh at the bookstore table.

rsz_2016-11-04_133011Hmmm…do you know who can pull off wearing these shoes?!

rsz_2016-11-04_164338Greg Watmore, Fett and Jim Coots

rsz_2016-11-05_172024No idea who this is. But we all felt just like him plenty of times during the Rally!

rsz_2016-11-06_120647Fett with Elaine Alt. Elaine ended up coming to Azalea Studios in December to record four different songs for his film/TV catalogue with the world-famous “Brecking Crew.”

rsz_2016-11-04_133121Fett, Nancy, Zupe (yes, another with just ONE name!), and Karen Pompanella