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Producer / Engineer

Fett is an independent music producer and engineer, published author, music career coach, and co-founder of the Azalea Music Group in Nashville.  He helps artists and songwriters reach their fullest sonic and emotional impact with the recordings he produces, and also teaches them how to do it themselves.  Fett is the former Technology Editor for Performing Songwriter magazine, author of the popular book “Fett’s Mixing Roadmap: A Step-by-step Guide To Mixing Music In The Studio” and occasional journalist for CMA Close UpDrum! and Keyboard magazines.  His diverse list of clients includes Davy Jones of the Monkees, Grammy-winning songwriter Don Henry, and international guitar virtuosos Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson.s.

Nancy Moran

Nancy Moran

Artist Development Coach

Nancy is an independent Folk-Rock, Americana Singer/Songwriter with four critically acclaimed solo albums, a former member of the national touring group, The Four Bitchin’ Babes (2005-2012), the former Assistant Editor of American Songwriter Magazine and an accomplished background and harmony vocalist. She’s also an artist development and performance coach and the co-founder of Azalea Music Group where she teaches and mentors other singer/songwriters, musicians, and indie artists how to get their music out to a wider audience so they can make a greater impact in the world.

An Interview with Nancy & Fett

How long have you been in the music business?

We started Azalea Music Group back in the late 1980s as a record label to support Nancy’s recording career. It wasn’t really hip to be an independent artist back then like it is today. But we didn’t know any better. So, we just did what we thought we needed to do to be professional. We made letterhead and business cards and gave ourselves a professional image.

Eventually, people started asking us how we were doing things–How were we releasing our own CDs? How were we booking gigs? How were we producing recordings?–basically, they wanted to know how we were so successful, because they wanted to do it too!

Who are your clients?

We work with a variety of clients, but generally, our clients are musicians, songwriters, performing artists, composers, recording engineers and producers who are serious about their music as a career — even if it’s a second career or a side career.  The point is, this is not “just a hobby” to them any more. They are passionate and committed to music because they realize that they have something to say and they have a purpose to communicate with and touch the world through music.

And how cool is it that we get to help them do that?!

How are you different from other music companies?

Well, one of the ways we’re different is we’re still working songwriters, artists and producers ourselves. We feel a kindred spirit with our clients because we’re one of them!

Second, we’re two people with different skills. So we cover a lot of areas career-wise.

Fett handles all things tech and recording. So, if you want to record, mix or master a CD project, he’s your guy. If you want to learn how to make better recordings and mixes at home with your own set up, he’s also your guy.

Nancy, on the other hand, is all about running a successful indie artist career. So, if you want to know what to do with that finished CD of yours, that’s Nancy’s area. If you want to hone your performing chops or learn to book more and better gigs, that’s Nancy.

And we’re also a couple. We’re married and we’re musical partners. So, we understand a lot about working together and balancing real life with a music career. We’re also both Certified Holistic Life Coaches. So, we feel uniquely qualified to work with our clients on all types of career and life issues.

And most of our clients really love that we come as a package–even if they’re only working with one of us. They like the fact that we “get” what they do…on so many levels.

What kind of people do you work best with?

Our best clients are those who are serious about their music career–even if it’s a part-time thing. They treat it professionally and with respect. They invest time and money into their own development as an artist, songwriter, engineer or producer. They’re open-minded and willing and eager to learn new information and ideas that can help them. And, perhaps above all, they are action-takers. Once they record–they do something with the recording. If they learn something new–they use the new information to make a difference in their careers.

What kind of personality or client do you NOT work well with?

Someone who is looking to be “discovered” or who wants someone else to do all the work for them. Or someone who is simply all talk and no action.  We can’t help these people because in reality no one can.

Also, complainers, blamers and doom-and-gloomers are not our peeps.

And people who are only concerned with getting the lowest price. We’ve never been the absolute lowest price out there because we don’t believe in competing on price alone–we believe in providing incredible value.

How can people work with you?

There are several ways to work with us.

First, you can work with Fett in our studio where he can produce, record, mix and/or master your full-length CD, EP or other song projects.

Second, you can take one or more of our online programs on a variety of topics–everything from Recording to Booking. To see a complete list of our current offerings, click here.

Third, you can sign up for one of our Coaching Programs where you’ll get specific individualized help to move your career forward, improve your performing skills or make your recordings more professional.

And finally, for clients who want a lot of attention and laser-focused strategy coaching, we offer a limited number of VIP Days. During a VIP Day you get both Fett and Nancy as a team, providing two viewpoints and lots of career advice, motivation, guidance and encouragement. This is definitely NOT for everyone. And VIP Days are accepted by application only. So, if you are interested in more information, click here.