• Do you need personal guidance on how to run your singer/songwriter career? 
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your recording chops? 
  • Do you need extra hand-holding, personal attention, and accountability?
  • Or are you stuck and simply need to get your life and your music career moving forward?

Then one of our coaching programs may be perfect for you! 

So, What Is Coaching Exactly?

It’s part Education and Training.

We will guide you along on a proven path of success. And give you the advantage of our years of experience in the music business.

It’s part Professional Trainer.

We will push you outside of your comfort zone. We will help you stretch and grow in ways you didn’t think you could (but we always knew were possible for you). We will bring out the best in you and we will coax out more from you than you can do on your own.

It’s part “Tough Love.”

We will hold you accountable and responsible for your own success. And we will NOT allow you to shrink into blaming others or outside forces. YOU are bigger and better than that. And we’ll call you on it, when necessary.

It’s part Cheerleading.

We will encourage you and cheer you on to success. We will celebrate each step and milestone along the way. Now, a lot of people poo-poo this aspect or at least underestimate its significance. But we find that creative people need this more than anyone! We are an insecure group (and yes, we include ourselves in this bunch) and we like to downplay or even forget our achievements once they’re “over.” But learning to focus on and celebrate success is a key to attracting more of that success.

It’s part Teammate or Partner.

We will work WITH you. Alongside you. So you don’t feel alone. We’ll be there to brainstorm with you and strategize with you. All while working toward one common goal – YOUR goal.

It’s part Confidante.

You can totally be yourself with us. Share your fears and your desires, your strengths and your weaknesses, your genius and your perceived flaws. Be vulnerable. There are no judgments and no shame here. We are your personal “Las Vegas” – what’s shared here, stay’s here!

And most of all, it’s Personalized.

The reason coaching is often complicated to explain is because it’s personalized and unique to you. So each coaching relationship is unique. And it’s very dependent on you.

 About Azalea Music’s Coaching Services

Our particular style of coaching is actually a hybrid of coaching, consulting and mentoring. We feel that this trifecta is a powerful approach to help you navigate – and succeed in – today’s music industry.

Also, we practice a holistic style of coaching—meaning we take the whole person and your whole life into account. Because let’s be serious, what good is a successful music career if the rest of your life is in shambles? So, we may, at times, bring up topics outside of the music biz. And likewise, you should feel free to bring up any and all issues.

What all of this means for you is that we’re not going to hold information back. If you’ve got a question and we can answer it, we certainly will. It also means that—if you want it—we’ll give you our best advice, based on our experience and expertise at the time.

But ultimately, all decisions are yours.

YOU are in charge of where you want to go and how you want to get there. YOU will be the one doing the work, making the decisions, choosing the words, making the calls, writing the emails, developing the plans, and taking the actions necessary to succeed.

We’ll be there to guide, support and encourage you. And we’ll also challenge, test and question you. But we have no agenda for you.

Our only goal is to help you be the absolute best definition of YOU that you can and want to be.

What Coaching is NOT

First, coaching is not a “quick fix.” It’s not something that is “accomplished” in one session or even in a single month.

Coaching is a process and a commitment to your own artistic, personal, and business growth. So, we only work with people who are serious enough to invest in themselves for 6 months or more.

Second, It’s not a get-rich-quick plan. And we can’t guarantee you fame and fortune.

Your level of success will depend mostly on you and your willingness to take bold actions, question your limiting beliefs, get outside of your comfort zone, change some mindsets and/or habits and perhaps face your fears.

No one can do these things for you. So, if you were looking for an easy way to the top? Oops! Sorry. This isn’t it.

And finally, please note that Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy, counseling, medical advice or legal counsel. We are certified Holistic Life Coaches, not medical professionals, board-certified therapists, or lawyers. If you are in need of these services, you should seek another qualified professional.

How to Get Started

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