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This beautiful, high-end Godin instrument is in MINT condition, having only been played a handful of times in the studio.  It comes with its own soft-shell, heavily-padded gig bag. It features a top-of-the-line AAA flamed maple top, Seymour Duncan pickups, and tremolo. But where this guitar really shines (and what makes it a rare find) is its combination of tonal variation and triple-hybrid design, making it the ideal tool for composers and creative sound designers.  Triple-hybrid means magnetic PLUS piezo PLUS MIDI/synth pickups.  That’s right: in addition to being a very playable, flexible-sounding electric and acoustic guitar, it’s also got built-in MIDI on every string.  Its pickup configuration is:

  • Dual Seymour Duncan combination humbucker/single-coil mag pickups for electric tones, from Strat-like to Les Paul-like and everything in between.
  • Under-bridge piezo pickup with independent preamp, volume and tone controls, so the guitar’s sound can be all-electric, all-acoustic, or a variable combination of both.  Custom output jack means electric and acoustic signals can be sent out completely independently to different amps and other devices.
  • MIDI/synth pickup with 13-pin, Roland GR-series output, for use as a MIDI controller for unlimited externally-generated sounds.  The MIDI output sends the data for each string independently, for maximum synth control and flexibility.  For more on Godin’s MIDI implementation, click here.

If this whole MIDI/synth guitar thing is new to you, click here for a video of the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth being played through several different guitars, including the heavily-featured Godin LGXT. For more info about this guitar directly from Godin, click here.  You can also download its manual as a PDF here. Honestly, we LOVE this guitar, but we just don’t use it. So, rather than have it sit in its case, we’re willing to let it go to someone who would actually take it out and play it regularly.  This guitar needs a good home that will give it the attention it deserves! New, this guitar goes for $1745 to $1995. (That’s the street price. List price is more.) We’re asking $1375 and we’ll include free shipping in the continental U.S. If you’re interested, please email us.