Update (8/15/16): The Ibanez bass has been SOLD!

“Ol’ Blue” That’s the nickname for this Ibanez Saber SB900LE 4-string active electric bass guitar.  And it’s a beauty. Major pluses of this instrument are:

  • Active electronics (powered by a 9-volt battery, easily-changeable through a compartment in the back — no screwdriver required!) that produce good, hot levels and crisp, clear tone.
  • Narrow neck with rosewood fretboard, excellent action.
  • Thin, lightweight body, but with plenty of sustain.
  • Lots of tone variation with multiple volume and tone controls, and multiple pickups.
  • Recessed cable jack to protect both instrument and cable, and prevent accidental cable removal.

This bass is very comfortable to play, even if you’re standing for long periods of time at live gigs.  It has wide range of tones, which makes it a go-to instrument for both live and studio work. Up close, it’s got a few superficial scratches and a couple of dings that you would expect from a bass that’s been played a lot over the years. Comes with a hard-shell case that’s a little road-worn on the outside…but solid and sturdy on the inside where it counts. Asking $450 and we’ll include FREE shipping within the continental U.S. If you’re interested, please email us.