A Celebration of Life






This page chronicles the Celebration of Life for
Lucille “Lynn” Fetterolf
June 16th & 17th, 2023 in York, Pennsylvania

A family dinner was held on Friday, June 16th at Marino’s Restuarant (one of Lynn’s all-time favorite haunts) in  East York.  24 family members from all around the country (4 generations in all) were in attendance.
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Lynn’s Celebration of Life service was held on Saturday, June 17th, 2023 at her beloved Kreutz Creek Presbyterian Church in Hellam, PA, with many friends, family and admirers in attendance. The service was officiated by Pastor Kelly Shiflett, with music provided by pianist Peggy Bair.
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Here are the four pages of the bulletin used at the service.
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During the service, many provided personal testimonies about how Lynn had affected their lives.
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Audio Recording of Entire Celebration of Life Service

by Pastor Kelly Shiflett and Friends & Family of Lynn Fetterolf

Following the service, a fabulous spread of food was provided by the Kreutz Creek Church Women’s Auxiliary in the Fellowship Hall. During the meal, a slideshow containing many photos from various phases of Lynn’s adventurous life was played on the hall’s large screen.
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In addition to the testimonials at the service, many from around the world sent thoughts and memories in texts, e-mails, and comments on Lynn’s obituaries.
If any were inadvertently missed, please let me know at fett@azaleamusic.com and I’ll be happy to add them.
You can read them below, and also download them as a PDF file HERE.

Sean Baker

I really loved her. I always say that she was my biggest fan…may she have a wonderful afterlife! She deserves it!


I will miss your mom a lot. She was a beautiful woman in and out. So no more lamb chops.

Dave Van Arsdale

Mrs. Fetterolf was always both engaging and kind to me. I am so glad to have known her!

Missy (hairdresser)

She was a sweet lady and loved that flip in her hair.

Patsy Helwig

Lynn’s love of music… She saw Adam Lambert win second place on American Idol. She loved him and felt he was going to be a star. I took her to Baltimore to see Adam when he was just starting out. He is now lead singer for Queen. She was RIGHT about him! My sister Lois and I really miss her.

Tina Slusher

I remember so many things about Lynn including her house at the mill with all the artifacts, her poetry, her love of books, her story about cutting OBL’s hair but I especially remember her love for the children in Africa and our family times.  I really treasure the CD she made, and will listen to it and the messages of those songs for a very long time.

Bob Gregory

I met Andy, Lynn, Cynthia, Karen and Craig in Beirut, Lebanon as a young, 20-year-old Marine serving at the US Embassy. They all had a great impact on my life, especially Lynn who was like a mother figure to me who went out of her way to show me the ways of the world, especially the Arab world. It’s with great sadness I read of her passing. Semper Fidelis! Bob Gregory, USMC (Ret), Beirut, Lebanon 1972-1974

Kevin Owens

During the past two years working at TownePlace Suites where Mrs. Fetterolf resided has been a blessing. She was a voracious reader, acclaimed poet and artist, and world traveler. I will miss our conversations while dropping by with breakfast, watching her Sunday pastors on TV and discussing what dinner she was preparing in her slow cooker. I am sure she is looking down from Heaven guiding me on my new job adventure. RIP.

Dave Brady

Lynn was a valued member of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary to the First Capitol Detachment as Andy served as Detachment Chaplain. We offer our sincere condolences on your loss.

Ida Slusher

I sure loved Cousin Lynn, who was more like another special aunt. I always enjoyed the visits & times we had together. We shared a love of needlepoint and I am currently working on a beautiful piece with a giraffe she recently gave me to finish. I will think of her as I work on it. My love and prayers are with our family and her friends. So thankful for her and her love of Christ.

Wendy de la Rosa

When someone says Lynn made an impression on a life…for me that started 41 years ago when she and Andy returned to make a home in Hellam, PA. Their arms opened and let me into their lives with stories, laughter and love that was always plentiful…as the years went on I knew I had a safe, loving, encouraging place to go. So, so many memories!!! Lynn told me as I have shared with Carson…the World is a Big Beautiful place go explore. Lynn and Carson were always with their heads together talking music and life. To say Lynn will be missed goes without saying. As for those 300-plus books read… We shared a curiously. I had fun searching for the next book and the next and the next. My life has been touched in ways I can never fully express. I will miss our talks, drives, donuts shared with coffee of course. Your other kiddo, Wendo

Carson de la Rosa

Thank you so much Lynn for being such an excellent role model in my life, and for so many others. You always were one of my favorite relatives to go visit in York Pennsylvania growing up. You will be missed.

Emma Trout

I’ll miss you forever, Aunt Lynn  you were and will always be so special to me. I hope you’re dancing with your love now.

Melanie Glatfelter

I will miss her. I got the joy to meet her when I worked at TownePlace Suites hotel. She will sadly missed. R.I.P. other angel, fly high.

Penny Groth

Lynn was an Amazing Woman. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know her. I first met Lynn and Andy when I started to work for them. She would tell me wonderful stories about her family & her life. I loved hearing about her life. She was always kind, loving & gracious. I will truly miss her. I will never forget her. 💜🦋

Jaqueline Lovejoy

Mrs. Fetterolf, I will really miss talking to you to see if you needed your prescriptions delivered. You were so sweet. Rite Aid will miss you.

Susan Vernon

Lynn Fetterolf was one of the most elegant and dear people that I have ever met. We became friends through our love of poetry. I was so grateful for her suggestions and support. We will miss her input and guidance. I wish we had lived closer to spend more time together. She will be missed.

Steve Bartoli

I went back through a lot of my old email correspondences with your mom.  I read a number of the stories that she had forwarded me.  I really enjoyed our conversations and our time together.  I had promised her that the next time I came down to visit with her, I would stop by the Cedars, which is a Lebanese restaurant in Camp Hill that she likes, and pick up lamb chops to eat for lunch.  We had done that two times before and she would claim that they are the best around.  I got to know her much better than I had known your father.  Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and information was inspiring.  We talked a lot about various movies that she was watching.  Her continued drive to write and create was like no other person that I have ever met, let alone at her age.  She was a really cool lady. I will miss her a lot. It was definitely a life well lived.

Althea Swann (Lymington, UK)

I was so sorry to hear about your Mum, we were friends for many years, our friendship meant a lot to both of us, and of course my Ken and your Dad were also great friends and I well remember your visit to Lymington, happy days.  I was so pleased to hear Lynn passed away peacefully. I only hope I do the same thing, I was so lucky to be her friend.  Lynn was a very special friend of mine through thick and thin.

Marilyn Downing

I am deeply sad to hear of your mother’s passing, I will miss her in more ways than you can know.  Our visits had to be infrequent because of distance and our disabilities, but she was never far from my thoughts.  My daughter also thoroughly enjoyed knowing and visiting her. Our lives are richer for having Lynn in them. 

Michelle Pryor

One of my most favorite persons! I am going to miss her dearly and you guys will always hold a special place in my heart and prayers.

Jess Townsley, Jr.

She was an inspiration. As you probably know, I really liked hanging out with her. I can’t sit in Lynn’s kitchen anymore and go through her file folder of poems in progress, but do still have [her books and CD] to get glimpses into her life and thoughts.

Sue Nace-Jones, Krotzer Realty

In the short amount of time that I knew her, I understood just how special she truly was.  And although I am unable to attend her service, I did want to thank you for sharing your mom with us! I loved talking to her and she was sharp as a tack with current events. She was very accomplished and really seemed to have enjoyed her life. I wish I could have known her longer, but I feel blessed to have met her. 

Nathan Krotzer

She was one-of-a-kind.  I knew her for a short time, but in that time, I really enjoyed her company. I would stop in at her room and we would take care of the business of selling her house and then we would talk.  I learned about her time living abroad, I learned her stance on American foreign policy, we talked about books that we’ve read… I also was inspired that she was still doing so much in her late years: writing poetry, music, and children’s literature.  And not just as a hobby! She was published, and she shrewdly sold me her children’s book.   She will surely be missed by many, myself included.

Nancy Lau

Your mother was a “special lady” and I loved her dearly.  She loved her family.

Alex and Maud McKinlay (Scotland)

We met your mother Lynn and father Andy in Beirut in 1977 and became very good friends. Later, they visited us in Dublin and Edinburgh, and we visited Kreutz Creek on two occasions. What dear memories we have of those events. At these get-togethers we recalled old times and ate and drank well! Your father sometimes called me ‘the Scottish Devil’ when I offered him a late-night whisky!

We remember the church where the service will take place as we attended a service there with Andy and Lynn. To our recollection, the Minister was a Scot! Also, we know that their final resting place looks over the land to the church.

After your father’s passing, we maintained contact with Lynn and knew her latter few years were difficult.

We loved our friends and greatly regret their passing.

Lois Reynold

I met Lynn in the early Fifties.  My Beau Tom Reynold was in the Navy with her husband, Andy and my cousin Norma Jean Kohler’s husband, Jack Garrison.  They all lived in Maryland.  When they came home to York, we 3 couples would go out dining and dancing, sometimes to movies, or just plain talk at each other’s places.

Tom and I visited Lynn and Andy when they lived in Long Island.  Then they moved to the Middle East and we lost touch with them.  [During the Lebanese Civil War] Lynn and Craig moved to York [while Andy stayed in the Middle East].  I remember Craig with his guitars.  Tom and I went to Karen’s wedding in New York.  It was beautiful.  We lost touch with Cynthia.

[When they moved back to York] Andy and Lynn bought a beautiful house at Kreutz Creek.  Tom and I visited many times, and loved going there.  After Andy died, Lynn moved to [the TownePlace Suites in] East York.  I visited her many times and often got groceries for her. 

Lynn was a wonderful cook. She loved all kinds of food.  My sister Patsy, Lynn, me and Ginny would go out to lunch every Thursday when we were all well.  Our favorite place was Oregon Grill in Maryland.  We had such good times and food. 

Then COVID hit and I didn’t see Lynn as often.  We would talk on the phone.  I would call her many, many times for advice.  I often agreed, and when I didn’t, she would say, “listen to your mother!” 😊 I also called her late at night as we both were night owls. 

I will always remember Lynn and her family. I loved them all.  Glad they were a part of my life.  I can’t believe she is gone, but she brought many good times and love to all she knew.  May she rest in peace and I hope to see her again.  Love always, Lois Reynold, 60+ years a friend.