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We offer a variety of self-paced, online courses on several topics.

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Ultimate Booking & Touring

Everything you ever wanted to know about booking gigs, and more! Nancy guides you through the entire process giving you sample contracts, what to say (and NOT to say), how often to follow up, how much to ask, what you can expect, etc.

Recording Crash Course

Shows you how to create big, impactful guitar-vocal productions using simple pro secrets and techniques at home.

Layer Up!

Shows you how to dramatically improve the emotional impact and fullness of your recordings using these secret pro techniques.

Fett's Recording Turbo-charge!

A 6-part intensive course that focuses ONLY on recording fundamentals and techniques. Fett walks you step-by-step through the entire front-end recording process, and teaches you specific, pro recording techniques and skills that you can use immediately in your own studio and music productions.

Fett's Mixing Mastery

A comprehensive 8-part, video-based course that covers all things mixing. You get to look over Fett’s shoulder as he walks you through the mixing process, showing you every step on the screen as it’s happening.

Fett's Ninja Mastering

A 5-part, intensive program that will teach you how you can master your own recordings in your own studio. You’ll get to look over his shoulder as he walks you through his entire MPS Mastering Framework, showing you every step on the screen as it’s happening.