In this fully online crash course in pro recording techniques, Fett gives you step-by-step instructions on how to produce a truly professional-sounding recording, using a guitar-vocal for illustration.  In addition to detailed recording topics, Fett also discusses layering and mixing considerations.

Whether you’ve never made a recording at all or have been recording for years, when you complete this course, you’ll have a completely new, fresh perspective on how professional recording engineers get big-sounding productions from just a guitar and a vocal.

In addition to specific gear recommendations, this course is chock-full of specific techniques for preparation, recording, layering, and mixing that you can use on your own recordings immediately.

And while this course uses a guitar-vocal recording as the example, many of the recording, layering, and mixing techniques presented can be applied to recordings of any instruments and vocals, from piano-vocals to full bands.

The course isn’t taught on specific dates. Instead, it is 100% on-demand and available at any time, from anywhere. It is entirely Internet-based, and all the course videos are also fully downloadable to your own computer or other device. This means that not only can you take the course at your convenience, as many tines as you’d like, but you also have guaranteed lifetime access to the course materials if you download them.

Here’s the full outline of the modules in this course:


  • Course Background and Introduction

Before We Record: The Up-front Stuff

  • Gear Required
  • Production/Arrangement Considerations
  • Recording Preparation and Setup
  • Correctly Setting Levels (Gain Staging)
  • Final Prep

Let’s Record! 4 Alternative Approaches

  • Recording Option 1 of 4: Live With 1 Mic
  • Recording Option 2 of 4: Live With 2 Mics (1 vocal, 1 guitar)
  • Recording Option 3 of 4: Live With 3 Mics (1 vocal, 2 guitar)
  • Recording Option 4 of 4: Overdubbed With 2 or 3 Mics (1 vocal, 1 or 2 guitar)

BONUS MATERIAL! Beyond the Basic Guitar-Vocal: Layering

  • Suggested Layering Techniques

BONUS MATERIAL! Pro Tips for Mixing a Great Guitar-Vocal

  • Mixing Techniques: Panning
  • Mixing Techniques: EQ
  • Mixing Techniques: Dynamics Control (Compression and Limiting)
  • Mixing Techniques: Effects
  • Mixing Techniques: Things To Avoid


  • Course Wrapup and Where To Go Next

Below is a video from the first module of the course, which explains it in more detail.  To sign up, simply click on the link at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy the video, and hope to see you in class!

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