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Recording and Music Production

Operating out of our own Azalea Studios facilities in Nashville, we produce professional artist CDs, songwriter demos and composer tracks for film & TV licensing using state-of-the art technologies and cream-of-the-crop Nashville studio players and singers.  We specialize in acoustic, folk, rock, blues, jazz, country, Americana, singer-songwriter and similar genres. Our co-founder and veteran music producer Fett has produced more than 40 full-length artist CDs and hundreds of song demos over his 30-year career, so he knows what it takes to bring out the best in you and your material.

Our clients

Whether already-established music icons, or transitioning from a full-time “day job” to a full-time career in the music industry, or just wanting to make their very serious music “habit”  the best it can be, the core of our clients are serious, success-oriented musicians, songwriters, performing artists, composers, engineers & producers.  Some of our most highly respected clients include virtuoso guitarists Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson, Grammy-winning songwriters Don Henry (“Where’ve You Been”) and Jill Colucci (“No One Else On Earth”), Davy Jones (of the Monkees), and Rich Redmond (songwriter, producer and drummer for Jason Aldean).

Are You A “Second-timer?”

A core group of our clientele includes what we call “Second-timers.”  We find that many of the clients we resonate with most intensely are those who, after proving themselves in a successful career, marriage, parenthood and income level, are experiencing a rebirth of their passion for music.  They have as much intensity for their music as they did in college, but with the benefit of life experience and a perspective that only proven success can bring.  They know what truly professional results are, and they come to us to achieve them with their music.  We work with successful doctors, lawyers, software developers, managers, corporate executives and others who’ve rediscovered their love of music and want to produce the best possible product they can.

Are You International?

We also specialize in clients who don’t live in Nashville.  In fact, most of our business comes from outside Music City, and many of our clients reside outside the U.S.  We service clients from Europe to Canada to Australia, giving them access to the best that Nashville has to offer without ever having to leave their home country.

Our Services & Specialties

Because of our spacious facility, one of our fortes is recording full bands live, which can ultimately save you time and money, and yield a better performance. Another one of our specialties is producing artist EPs, where we help you keep costs down while still presenting a professional, competitive product to the marketplace.  And if you’re a recording enthusiast yourself, we provide finishing services such as mixing and mastering.

Azalea Studios Website

You can click the following link to go directly to our Azalea Studios webpage and hear audio samples of our work, request a quote, etc.: