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Update (8/18/17): The Epiphone Genesis has been SOLD!

*** NOTE: this guitar has a couple of minor dings and needs some minor maintenance to get it fully back up to snuff, so if you’re okay with that, read on…

For those who are into this sort of thing, this guitar is the ORIGINAL, “3-knob” Genesis Deluxe PRO from the late ’70s/early ’80s, not the “four-knob” reissue made in 2013.  This model also has the separate pickup mode switch, rather than the push-pull variety of the later model.  The newer model goes for about 500 bucks street; we’re asking for significantly less than that for this original classic (see below).

This gorgeous, burgundy-red, solid-body electric guitar is versatile yet very affordable. Epiphone has always been the “under-appreciated sibling” of Gibson, with the emphasis being on “under-appreciated.”  This guitar is a great example.  It’s made just as solidly as a Gibson, is super-playable and sounds great, but is significantly lower in price than pretty much any comparable Gibson you can find.  So for anyone who wants the quality, playability and sound of a great Gibson but doesn’t want to pay an arm and leg for it just because of the name, then this is the guitar for you.

Here’s a run-down of some of its more pertinent features:

  • Flame-maple top (burgundy)
  • Solid mahogany body
  • 24.75-inch neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • 2 Humbucker-style ™ pickups, configurable in both double- and single-coil mode
  • 3-way pickup selection switch: bridge, neck and both
  • Dedicated pickup mode switch (double- and single-coil)
  • Independent volume controls for each pickup
  • Single, global tone control

For me, the most versatile feature of this guitar is how its pickups and pickup selection switches are configured. You get 6 different pickup configurations using just two switches:

  1. Double-coil, neck pickup only
  2. Double-coil, bridge pickup only
  3. Double-coil, both pickups
  4. Single-coil, neck pickup only
  5. Single-coil, bridge pickup only
  6. Single-coil, both pickups

And then on top of that, you’ve got the global tone control for additional sound variation. Want it to sound like a Les Paul?  No no problem.  Want a Strat sound?  Just flip a switch. This ingenious pickup/tonal control design make this guitar extremely versatile for every style from rock to jazz to pop to country.

Some additional things to note about this guitar are:

  • Great neck: typical Les Paul-style, flat fingerboard, but not as wide as a Les Paul (1 and 11/16ths-inch at the nut)
  • Good weight: hefty enough to produce good, sustained tone from the solid mahogany body, but not as heavy as a typical Les Paul (great for playing standing up for hours at live gigs)
  • Compact body style with double cutaways

*** Here’s where this guitar needs some work to get back up to full performance: it has a couple of dirty potentiometers that need to be cleaned or replaced:

  • Pot for volume control for bridge pickup
  • Pot for global tone control

This is pretty basic maintenance for anyone used to working on electric guitar electronics. Other than that it’s in great shape electrically.

There are a couple of minor, surface-level scratches on it, and one very small chip along the back bottom edge next to the backplate (visible in the lower-left corner of the full photo of the guitar from the back, above).

This guitar comes with its original, deluxe hardshell case that’s in good shape.

This instrument needs a good home and a little minor TLC. Because it needs some work, we’re asking only $299 for it, and we’ll include free shipping in the continental U.S. If you’re interested, please email us.