Fett’s Production Booster Program

The Production Booster program is designed for people who want to start or grow a serious, lucrative career in music production, and/or significantly improve their music production chops. It is a way for you to get personalized, 1-on-1 guidance that centers around your specific needs

The program includes:

  • Exclusive, personal access to an RHI-certified Azalea Music Production Coach
  • Individualized, targeted guidance on the business/skill areas that YOU want to focus on
  • Specific, detailed review and feedback on YOUR music and YOUR recordings, where applicable

What is the Production Booster private mentoring program?

The Production Booster program is centered around a series of calls (video or phone, though video is strongly recommended) with your Azalea Music Production Coach. During these calls, you and your Coach discuss your goals and direction, and then cover the specific aspects of your production business/skills that you agree to work on. Between calls, you have assignments that you and your Coach agree on, your Coach assesses the results of your assignments, and then the two of you discuss the assessment on the next call.

How does the program work?

Calls are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour duration. This is usually enough time to effectively cover the discussion topics.

How often do the calls occur?

Calls are scheduled every other week. That gives both you and your Coach enough time between each call to do the assignments and assessments.

How many calls are there? What is the duration of the program?

There are a total of 7 calls:

1 Kickstart/Assessment call, followed by
2 calls per month (total of 6 additional calls)

Therefore, the program covers a period of approximately 13 weeks. Note: Once a mutual start date is agreed upon and the process commences, it goes continuously for the 13 weeks, i.e., there are no deferrals (other than reasonable re-scheduling for vacation, illness, etc.), so you will need to have the time available to commit to the program for the entire duration.

Do I have to take a lot of notes during the calls? How is my progress documented?

You are welcome to take notes, but every call is recorded to a high-quality video/audio file that your Coach sends you after the call. You can use these recordings to refer back to any point in any conversation as many times as needed. For this reason, taking notes is optional, but some people find it most effective to use a combination of notes and video/audio recordings. You can use whatever methods work best for you.

What topics are typically covered during the program?

Participants in the program typically choose one area of primary focus, which we call a “track.” The two main tracks are the Production Business track (which emphasizes building and/or growing a music production business), and the Production Skills track (which emphasizes learning and improving specific music production techniques, like recording, mixing and mastering). While most participants focus on one track or the other, some prefer to work through both tracks together, while others will work through one track, followed by the other. The choice is up to you.

For the Production Business track, some of the typical topics addressed are:

  • Clearly defining your music production business and your target market(s) and services
  • Balancing between generalization and specialization in terms of the services that you offer
  • Promoting your music production business, including clearly defining your messaging
  • Identifying your ideal clients
  • Reaching your ideal clients
  • Studio/session practices and “lessons learned” from the Nashville music production/studio market

For the Production Skills track, some of the typical topics addressed are:

  • Recording techniques
  • Mixing techniques
  • Mastering techniques
  • Acoustics and sound treatment
  • Studio setup and configuration
  • Learning how to use particular software or hardware
  • Gear selection, purchasing and setup

What if I want to discuss other topics that are not specifically about a production business or production skills?

While the main focus of the program is on music production business/skills topics, there is a lot more to a music career than just production. Given available time, you can discuss any number of topics with your Coach.

Here are some additional examples of topics you can discuss:

  • Overall music career strategy (e.g., balancing writing, producing, recording and performing)
  • Nashville Number System charting (an absolute must for anyone doing music production in Nashville)
  • Mindset issues/challenges

What does the program cost?

There are two payment options: 3 monthly payments, and single-payment in advance. The single-payment option is more economical, but some people prefer to spread the cost over the duration of the program. You can use whichever option works best for you.

The costs for the two options are:

As you can see, the single-payment option saves you about $150 vs. the 3-payment option.

How can I pay for the program?

We offer several payment methods, including:

Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)

How can I get further information about the program, or have any questions addressed?

Feel free to contact Fett by e-mail at fett@azaleamusic.com, or by cell phone at 615-414-3582.