Need broadcast-quality recordings, mixes & masters for your artist release or film/TV cues?

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From high-quality guitar-vocals to full band productions, our professional recordings use real musicians, playing real instruments, in a real space, into real microphones. The difference is striking and something we’ve become known for.



Got completed recordings that need to be professionally mixed? We can take your tracks that were recorded in your home studio or another facility and mix them for a demo, a film/TV cue, or an artist release (and yes, we know the difference).


Got mixes that need mastering? We provide a second set of objective, experienced “ears” to help your mixes reach their maximum potential. Got a back catalog that could use a “fresh coat of paint”? We can RE-master your recordings to bring them up to today’s sonic standards.


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My name is Fett (just one name – long story!). I’m the owner and proprietor of Azalea Studios and my calling in life has been to bring others’ musical visions to their greatest potential.

Like a lot of folks who do what I do, I’ve worn a lot of hats in the music industry over the years, but what matters most is that I’ve spent the bulk of my time recording, mixing, mastering and producing thousands of songs for hundreds of clients over the past 35+ years.

I’ve had quite a diverse list of clients, from Davy Jones of the Monkees and Grammy-winning songwriter Don Henry, to international guitar virtuosos Tommy Emmanuel and Muriel Anderson.

In 2015, I was recording and mixing engineer on a CD that went to #1 on the Australian national charts: Jason Owen’s Friday Night. I’d love to have the opportunity to bring the same passion, skills and experience I brought to that CD to your music.

If you’re looking for someone who is very approachable, will listen to what you have to say, and will bring your musical vision to fruition, request a quote here and let’s get the conversation started.

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